Tasting Events

​Food is about sensory experience, the sight, the sense of smell and the taste at last. Moreover food is about sharing and discovering each time something new and unexpected. Fine food from all over the world will definitely gather in this exhibition. Looking for particular platters? Searching for curious combinations and specialties that you can find only in certain places? Join our the tasting events and you will not regret! It is an opportunity for exhibitors to introduce their products and for visitors.

Western Cuisine vs Asian Cuisine

​At Interfood Asia, you’ll have the chance to attend to the high level culinary competition both as active player or audience. Chefs from different countries are showing their skills here and sharing their culinary tradition. Innovation and creativity are being rewarded as well from professional judges.


It is always a pleasure to smell a good cup of coffee or see bartenders make a colorful cocktail. Even better if you can experience on your own and make your first cappuccino with an expert coffee maker. The world’s best companies and makers in chocolate, coffee, tea and spirits will showcase their products and get you involved in a playful “Do it yourself”.

Discussion Forum

Experts are discussing the hot topics of the moment: marketing analysis and forecasts, food security matters, new sales platform and the revolution they brought to the traditional way of business, innovative technologies, etc. This is a place where you can learn and share information, meet people from the industry and come up with ideas on your own.